MiniatureTool Bucket Without Pockets

Specialty Tool Bucket, Typically Used as a Promotional Item, Zenith Cord Handle, Canvas
  • SKU2009
  • Size:5" Dia. X 6"H
  • Weight:3 oz.

The "Mini Tool Bucket" is used in the Power Utility Industry mainly as a promotional item. Many companies put their logo on the bucket because this rendition of a regular sized bucket is widely recognized. Many other industries are using this as a promotional item as well. Minium order is 50 pieces. The logo typically goes in a 4-inch wide by 4-inch long space. Please provide your artwork in an eps file using Corel Draw or Adobe Illustrator with a 300 dpi minimum. Other styles and colors are available, please call Estex for details.

Promotional Item, Zenith Cord Handle, Canvas