Miniature Tool Bucket W/Pockets, Forest Camo

Specialty Tool Bucket, Typically Used as a Promotional Item, ZenIth Cord Handle, Nylon
  • SKU2008-CAMO
  • Size:5" Dia. X 6"H
  • Weight:4 oz.

The "Mini Tool Bucket" is used in the Power Utility Industry mainly as a promotional item. Many companies put their logo on the bucket because this rendition of a regular sized bucket is widely recognized. This bucket is also used to hold an egg at the top of the pole for the speed climb event at many Linemen's Rodeos. Many other industries are using this as a promotional item as well. For private labeling the minium order is for 50 pieces. The logo typically goes above the pockets and in a 1.35-inch wide by 4-inch long space. Please provide your artwork in an eps file using Corel Draw or Adobe Illustrator with a 300 dpi minimum. Other styles and colors are available, please call Estex for details.

Promotional Item, ZenIth Cord Handle, Nylon