Where We Come From:

  • 1900

    J Henry Estes forms Estes Manufacturing Company in Union City, Georgia. The products manufactured are horse collars, saddles, bridles, and other companion items in heavy use during the horse and buggy days. The company will later evolve into present-day Estex Manufacturing Company and move to Fairburn, Georgia.

  • 1940's

    The world changes, and with it, Estex changes. In keeping with this, Estex - through their feed bag for horses (known as a "Nose Bag")- makes its first entry into the power utility industry. The feed bag becomes a lineman's tool bucket and is used to hold the lineman's tools and supplies while he works. Georgia Power is the first customer to purchase the newly repurposed product.

  • 1970

    Robert Smith purchases the company from the Estes family. Mr. Smith seeks to fulfill the potential of the company's product line to accommodate the airline industry using baggage cart side curtains and covers, company mail bags, and other related items. Delta Airlines becomes the first of many airlines to choose Estex to meet their manufacturing needs, and continues the working relationship into present day.

  • 1982

    Harold Bost purchases Estex. In keeping with the tradition of high quality manufactured goods that Estex is known for, Mr. Bost operates the company astutely, surveying clients and ensuring that the business relationships that have been formed remain healthy and growing. New ideas and opportunities inspire Mr. Bost to begin seeking an astute and equally as ambitious business partner.

  • 1985

    Brent Wilkes joins Harold Bost as his business partner. Their partnership proves to be exactly the catalyst Estex needs to jumpstart growth. Estex’s customer base expands from that of a small company servicing the Southeastern region to its present day size of one which now provides goods and services to many unique markets all around the world.

  • Today

    While the Airline/Aerospace and Utilities markets continue to form a majority of our clients, Estex now covers a multitude of areas of service for original equipment providers. In addition to our original client base, Estex continues to provide top quality goods for multiple other sectors on an ongoing basis as well.

  • Tomorrow

    Our vision for the future is vast and unlimited. Estex is proud of its legacy of success and understands that it cannot be solely attributed to the abilities and efforts of its ownership. Our history of achievement and progress is due in large part to the contribution made by the talented, dedicated and hardworking employees at Estex, and expect nothing less than continued success into the future.