Padded Scaffold Hanging Style Bag, Small, Removable Cover

Heavy Duty Yellow Vinyl, Adjustable Straps Slotted Down Middle, Zipper Top, Holds Shape
  • SKU6044-S-L3
  • Size:10"L X 8"W X 12"H
  • Weight:1 lb 6 oz

This bag has a fully removable cover for easy emptying. A slot in the top provides quick and easy deposit and prevents materials from falling out. Hook and loop fasteners secure the cover in place. A flap over the slot fastens with hook and loop closures to protect against weather. Padding helps the bag hold its shape and adjustable straps enable the bag to be hung on railings of scaffolding or scissor lifts. We make many FOD bags and pouches that are afixed to a person and many others that have a permanent position or stand.

Slotted Down Middle, Zipper Top, Holds Shape