Aerial Bucket Cover W/Foam & Heat Sealed Seams

Black Vinyl Coated Nylon, Foam Insert Lanyard And Snap
  • SKU2715-28-28
  • Size:28"L X 28"W X 6"H
  • Weight:6 Lb. 4 oz.

All Estex bucket covers are made from heavy vinyl coated nylon (truck tarp material) for durability and water resistance. Bungee cord sewn into hem allows for a snug fit. The "2715" series has a 2" foam block sandwiched between two layers of fabric in the top to repel water so the cover doesn't sag into the bucket. The heat welded pocket allows the cover to be used inside-out if the outside cover is ripped. This cover comes with a lanyard and snap to attach the cover to the truck.

Lanyard And Snap