Man-and-a-Half Ergonomic Bucket Pad

Top layer .25-inch Non-slip Rubber Heavy Duty Nitrile Foam Cushion Bottom
  • SKU2708-28-28
  • Size:28"W X 28"L
  • Weight:3 lbs. 7 oz.

The Estex Ergonomic Bucket Pad has a non-skid surface and a closed cell foam base that will not absorb water. It was designed as a health aid to releave lower back and leg stress for workers that are confined in the bucket of an Aerial Bucket Truck. This pad benefits workers in the Electric, Cable and Telecommunications Industry. This pad is also used as a thermal barrier to the ice cold bottom of the bucket and keeps a worker's feet from getting cold as a result. An additional benefit is that it protects the polyethylene liner, the safety dielectric barrier, from damage by scrap wire, lugs, staples and assorted other objects that are dropped to the bucket floor.

Heavy Duty Nitrile Foam Cushion Bottom