Combo Tool & Bolt Cutter Bag

Heavy Vinyl Coated Nylon With Bottom Reinforcement Two Pockets, Heavy Hang Strap, 2 Grommets
  • SKU2651-AP
  • Size:10"L X 4"W X 19"H
  • Weight:1Lb. 9 oz.

Estex Compression tool and bolt cutter bags are made from heavyweight vinyl coated nylon with a heavy bottom reinforcement. The back of this bag is also reinforced so the tools do not cut the back fabric when removed or replaced. There are several rivets inthe bottom edge for additional support. This version has two pockets for either two compression tools or one compression tool and one bolt cutter.

Some linemen will put "D" dies in one tool and "O" dies in another so they don't have to change dies while on the job. The back is extended so the tool handles do not extend too high above the lip of the bucket.

Two Pockets, Heavy Hang Strap, 2 Grommets