Combination Low Volt/High Volt Glove Bag

# 10 Canvas, Flap With Hook & Loop Fasteners Pockets For High Voltage And Low Voltage Gloves
  • SKU2499-SCE
  • Size:8"L X 6"W X 20"H
  • Weight:1 lb. 3 oz.

This is a combination bag for low voltage and high voltage gloves made from #10 canvas duck. The back pocket is 8"x4"x20" and the front pocket is 8"x4"x12". There are flaps over both pockets with Hook & Loop fasteners. A quick release snap is attached to the back of the bag with leather reinforcements on the inside and outside of the bag. They are sewn and riveted to the bag and the rivets are capped to cover rough surfaces that might scratch the gloves. There are grommeted drainage holes in the bottom of each pocket. All seams are double stitched and stress points have extra stitching.

Pockets For High Voltage And Low Voltage Gloves