Tool Bag w/2 outside pkts/arm strap/Polymer Btm

Heavy Vinyl Coated Nylon, Weather Flap, Web Handles Polymer Plastic Bottom, Leather Buckle Closure
  • SKU2117-2OSP
  • Size:24"L X 10"W X 19"H
  • Weight:4 lbs.

2117 series tool bags are wider than other bags and are made from canvas or heavy vinyl coated nylon which is water resistant and also very resistant to abrasion. The bottom is made from molded polymer plastic which gives additional water resistance. The 2" web handles wrap completely around the bag. There is a weather flap that covers the top of the bag to keep water out. Box "X" stitches on the handles prevent tearing. There are two large outside pockets covered with a flap with snap fasteners. This bag also has a shoulder strap.

Polymer Plastic Bottom, Leather Buckle Closure