Line Hose Bag - 12" x 48" W/Snap

Heavy Duty Canvas, Molded Top Ring and Bottom Leather Rope Holes, Polypropylene Handle
  • SKU1950
  • Size:12" Diam X 48"H
  • Weight:4 lbs. 8 oz.

Line Hose bags were designed to provide a safe and easy method to hoist Insulated Line Hose and Insulated Blankets up to the work area on a utility pole. The smaller diameter bags most easily accommodate conventional line hose and standard hotsticks while the larger diameter bags hold the large lip style line hose, hotline tool cutters, and the larger size rubber blankets. Note, we also make a variety of specialty bags to hoist other cover up equipment such as covers for insulators, deadends and crossarms.

Leather Rope Holes, Polypropylene Handle