Aerial Tool Bucket w/Hard Body & attached Cover

Heavy Canvas Oval Bucket, Hard Body Plastic Liner 15 Inside Pockets, Cover
  • SKU1820-HBCS1
  • Size:15"L X 7"W X 9"H
  • Weight:2 lbs. 13 oz.

This oval shaped tool bag hangs on the aerial lift bucket with attachment hooks. There is a PVC ring in the top to shape the opening and Hard Body plastic on the sides to keep the bag open and rigid. Fifteen hand tool pockets on the inside of the bag organize tools for easy access. Holes for attachment hooks are reinforced with brass grommets. The bag has a sturdy plastic bottom with drainage holes. A vinyl cover is attached to one side of the bag and has bungee cord in the hem to keep the cover on the bag while in transit. The cover keeps rain and dirt out and tools in. There is a snap on the bag to keep the cover secured in the open position. There is a rubber "bumper" at the bottom of the bag to keep it from scraping away the gelcoat on the outside of the aerial basket.

15 Inside Pockets, Cover